Company information, user agreement

By registering in the video chat (hereinafter referred to as the Application), you confirm that you have read and agree to comply with all the terms and conditions of this agreement (hereinafter Agreement). All photos and videos posted on the site belong to their respective owners and will be removed upon their request.

The application is owned by Bluepiece Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Company). In order to access the Application, you must carefully read the Agreement and agree to its terms and conditions. We draw your attention to the fact that inattentive reading of the terms of this Agreement below does not release you from the obligation to comply with the terms of this Agreement.

The Company reserves the right at any time to change the design of the Application website and the Application itself, the content, the list of services provided, to change and / or supplement the software and software used or stored on servers on the Internet and on the Application servers, any server applications in any time without notice to users.

The Company reserves the right to revise the Agreement and rules of conduct for users on the site, to make changes to the Agreement and the rules at any time without notifying users. Your continued use of the Application will be deemed your unconditional acceptance of such changes. The changes take effect from the moment the latest version of the Agreement is posted.

The company may limit the operation of some functions or restrict your access to the site, partially or completely, without prior notice and subsequent obligations from the administration of the portal.

Certain provisions of this Agreement, including but not limited to the preamble and chapters 2, 7, 8, 9, 12, shall remain in effect even after the termination of this Agreement.

1. General provisions

1.1. Only persons over the age of 18 (eighteen) can register to use the Application and use the Application.
1.2. Registration of certain groups of persons to use the Application is not valid in cases where registration is prohibited by law.
1.3. By using the Application, you represent and warrant that:
1.3.1. You have all the necessary rights, powers and opportunities to enter into this Agreement and comply with all of its terms and conditions;
1.3.2. Under the laws of the country/state/kingdom of which you are a citizen/subject and of which you currently reside, you are already considered an adult;
1.3.3. In the event that another user using the Application will be in front of the camera in a semi-nude/nude form, will send you visual images of any kind and/or descriptions of nudity, oral and written descriptions and/or audio-video recordings of an erotic/pornographic nature, you will immediately notify this Application Administration by clicking the "Complain" button and stop all communication with this user.
1.4. The Administration of the Application or representatives of the Company may send you messages to the email address specified in your profile: both for the purposes of personal correspondence and for marketing purposes.
1.5. The Application is provided AS-IS (“as is”) without warranties of any kind, express or implied. The Company disclaims all warranties, express or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of satisfactory quality, condition, or fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement of any property rights.

2. Application

2.1. The application is available to all registered and non-registered users.
2.2. You must use the Application and its services in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations.
2.3. You agree not to use any device, software to the detriment of the Application, not to circumvent the normal procedure, not to interfere or attempt to interfere with the standard operation of the Application.
2.4. You agree not to take any action that will cause an unnecessary or disproportionate load on our server.
2.5. You may not advertise or solicit other registered users of the App to buy or sell any products or services.
2.6. In order to restrict access to the Application to minors, you can use the available parental control tools (software that blocks specific applications and resources, filtering, antivirus, etc.).
2.7. Users of the Application, as well as other persons who are close to the user of the Application, are prohibited from being half-naked / naked in front of the camera, showing their genitals in front of the video camera, sending descriptions and any kind of visual images of nudity, oral and written descriptions and audio-video recordings to other users of the Application erotic/pornographic nature.
2.8. Portal users are obliged to follow the rules of the chat (hereinafter Chat Rules). The Chat Rules can be found at the following address - Rules .
2.9. In the event that another user of the Application appears before you in a half-naked/nude form and/or you receive the materials listed in paragraph 1.3.3 of this Agreement, you guarantee that:
2.9.1. Do not allow persons under the age of majority to access any of the above materials, and do not allow them to see the semi-nude/nude users of the Application.
2.9.2. Report the violator to the Application Administration without delay by clicking the "Report" button, and stop all communication with the violator.
2.10. You agree that you will not allow minors to access the Application and will not allow minors to communicate through the Application or perform other actions possible through the use of the Application.
2.11. You represent and warrant that you will not use the Application in any location, country or region where such conduct would or could be considered a violation of any law, regulation, rule, ordinance, decree or custom.
2.12. You represent and warrant that you will not record and post on the Internet or in any other way distribute and / or disclose the content of private conversations and other confidential information, unless the matter concerns information about the commission of a crime of any gravity.
2.13. You represent and warrant that you will not use and/or view the materials listed in clause 1.3.3 of this Agreement.
2.14. You confirm that you understand and are aware that the Company does not authorize the semi-nude / nude appearance of the users of the Application, as well as access, viewing, downloading, copying, receiving, transmitting, broadcasting or otherwise using the materials listed in clause 1.3.3 of this Agreement, by any person, including you.
2.15. You agree not to file claims or lawsuits against the Company, including its officers and employees, related to the use of the Application and the functionality of the site.

3. Avatars

3.1. Photo avatars
3.1.1. Each user of the Application can have as an avatar (hereinafter referred to as Photo avatar) a photo in which this user will be depicted.
3.1.2. When registering in the Application for users, a Photo avatar is automatically created in the form of a user's photo. This means that when you register in the Application, the system takes a photo of you through your video camera and places the photo on your profile as your Photo Avatar.
The avatar photo can be changed at any time.
3.2. Video avatar
3.2.1. Each user of the Application can record and place in his profile a welcome video profile (hereinafter Video avatar).
3.2.2. Video avatar must be recorded in accordance with clauses 8.1, 8.2 and 9.6 of this Agreement.
3.2.3. Video Avatar has the following requirements:
Duration - no more than three minutes;
The image must be crisp and clear;
The face of the user saying the greeting must be close-up in the frame.
3.3. Photo Avatar and Video Avatar as a whole and each of their elements must not infringe copyrights, trademark rights, means of individualization and / or rights to other intellectual property objects owned by third parties.
3.4. It is forbidden to take pictures / shoot for Avatar Photo/Video Avatar of any objects, animals and/or other people except yourself.
3.5. It is forbidden to be photographed / filmed for Avatar Photo / Avatar Video in semi-nude / nude.
3.6. If the Video avatar is of a clearly erotic nature, the Video avatar will be marked 18+ and access to view the Video avatar will be given only to those users who explicitly confirm their consent to view the Video avatar of an erotic nature.
Video avatar of a pornographic nature will be removed from the Application without prior notice to the user who posted such Video avatar.
3.7. By posting your Photo Avatar or Video Avatar (hereinafter referred to as the Content) on your profile, you automatically grant the Company, free of charge, a non-exclusive right to use the Content throughout the world by copying, public performance, reproduction, processing, translation and distribution for the purposes of the Application or in connection with them, including number to promote the Application.
3.8. By posting Content to your profile, you agree that the Company has the right to dispose of your Content at its sole discretion for marketing, advertising, other legitimate commercial and/or non-commercial purposes without specifying your name/pseudonym and without subsequent monetary or other compensation to you and/or Your representatives.
3.9. For the purposes specified in paragraph 3.8 of this Agreement, the Company may produce derivative works or insert User Content as components into the relevant collections, videos, perform other actions that serve to achieve the above goals.
3.10. By posting Content in your profile, you agree that the Content posted by you in your profile will be available both to users of the Application and to all Internet users by broadcasting the Content in whole and/or parts thereof by various technical means in the Application and/or on various resources (using mailing lists, RSS broadcasts, screensaver, posting on social networks, etc.).
3.11. You confirm and warrant that you will not file any claims against the Company, including its officials and employees of the Company, and will not present any claims and/or demands for the Company's use of your or someone else's Content.
3.12. The User has the right to remove his Content from the Application at any time.
3.12.1. The Application Administration has the right to keep and use archived copies of User Content for an indefinite period, even if the User has deleted the Content.
3.12.2. The Administration of the Application does not monitor whether the user has deleted his Content or not. If you do not want the Company to continue using the removed Content for its own purposes after you have deleted your Content, you should contact the Application Administration via the feedback form with a request to stop using the materials you have deleted.
The Application Administration can remove Content only from those resources to which the Application Administration has access. You understand and acknowledge that, despite the express prohibition stated in clause 8.2 of this Agreement, the Content posted by you in your profile can be copied and used by any Internet user.
3.13. The Company has the right to refuse to post Content to any user without giving reasons.

4. Monitoring

4.1. In order to avoid violations of the provisions of this Agreement, every three minutes the Application automatically monitors images broadcast through users' video cameras.

5. Payment / Refund / Termination of Services

5.1. The application can be used for free, however, in case of violation of the user and his blocking, an unblocking fee may be charged.

5.2. The settlement currency unit is a coin (hereinafter referred to as the Coin).
5.3. There are several ways to replenish your account in the Application. Payment methods may change. You agree that the administration is not responsible to you for changing the methods of replenishing your account.
The minimum amount of funds that can be used to replenish the account in the Application is determined according to the chosen method of replenishing the account and may change from time to time. You agree that the Company does not bear any responsibility to you and other users of the Application for changing the methods of replenishing the account, as well as for changing the minimum amount of funds for replenishing an account in the Application.
Funds deposited by you to the Application account are non-refundable.
5.4. Application users have the right to compliment each other, which involves the purchase of a virtual gift (hereinafter Gift) for another user.
5.5.1. When you click on the "Compliment" button, you will be offered several Gifts to choose from, each of which has a certain value. The value of the Gift increases in proportion to the increase in the number of Gifts.
5.5.2. A gift can only be bought for another user. You can't buy a gift for yourself.
5.6. When you purchase a Gift, your account will be deducted as many Coins as the total value of the Gift.
Purchasing a Gift for another user is the final procedure, spent Coins are non-refundable.
5.7. If you encounter technical difficulties when purchasing a Gift that you could not resolve despite the efforts made, please contact our support service (link to the support forum below, or consultant button) of users and report the nature of the difficulties encountered.
5.8. The Company's policy does not provide for a refund in the event that the user account of the Application is blocked.
5.9. If you disagree with the amount deducted from your credit card, you undertake to contact the Application Administration before contacting the credit card company to cancel the payment (refusal of the transaction). You must contact us via this feedback form and indicate the reason why you are disputing the amount debited. The Administration of the Application will consider your claim within 24 hours and, if it is found to be justified, will return the disputed amount to your card. Refunds (if approved) will take up to twenty (20) business days.
5.10. If you have any questions related to the deposit of funds, or in case of disagreement with the amount debited from your account, you agree to contact the Application Administration. The subject of the message should indicate the nature of your question.
5.11. If the user of the Application or any third party directly or indirectly related to the user of the Application commits any alleged or actual fraudulent or other illegal actions, as well as actions that the Application Administration or any user of the Application considers reprehensible, the Application Administration has the right to immediately stop providing all services to this to the user and waive all other obligations to him.
Any suspected fraudulent and criminal activity may be immediately reported to the appropriate government authorities.
5.12. Violation of any clause of this Agreement may result in the termination of the user's right to access or use the Application, including the cancellation of registration, subscription, accounts, passwords, access to the Application and the loss of all Coins.
5.13. In case of violation of any clause of this Agreement, the user of the Application may be banned forever. Coins that will be on the account of the user of the Application, banned for violation of any clause of this Agreement, will not be returned, regardless of their number.
5.14. The Administration of the Application reserves the right to terminate the user's access to the Application without explanation.
5.15. The Application Administration has the right to cancel the user's registration by sending a notification to the email address specified by the user in his profile.

6. Safety

6.1. You acknowledge and agree that you personally answer:
6.1.1. For ensuring the security of the device through which you access the Internet;
6.1.2. For storing your passwords and account information.
6.2. You acknowledge and agree that neither the Company, nor third parties, nor any other third parties are liable for losses incurred by you due to the fact that you did not take care of the security of the device through which you access the Internet, disclosed / trusted others or improperly stored information about your passwords or accounts.

7. Use of Application Materials

7.1. This Application is for the sole personal use of individual registered users.
7.1.1. It is forbidden to use the Application and Application materials for the purpose of carrying out any commercial, non-commercial and/or other activities.
7.2. Organizations, any other public entities have no right to register as users of the Application or use the Application for any purpose.
7.3. In case of illegal and/or unauthorized use of the Application, including unauthorized framing or linking of the Application, as well as mass distribution of unsolicited commercial communications, an investigation will be carried out and appropriate legal actions will be taken, including, but not limited to, legal proceedings and injunctive relief. measures.
7.4. The Application Administration has the right to take reasonable measures to prevent the distribution of unsolicited messages to registered participants of the Application.

8. Copyright protection

8.1. The application contains copyrighted materials, trademarks and other information protected by exclusive rights. You may not copy, modify, publish, transmit, distribute, perform, display or sell such information, except with your permission.
8.2. Users of the Application may not copy and publish, distribute or otherwise reproduce any copyrighted materials, trademarks or other information protected by exclusive rights, including the Content of other users of the Application, without the prior written permission of the owner or the existence of legal grounds, including "fair use".
8.3. The Application Administration does not carry out a preliminary check of user materials for whether these materials violate anyone's copyright and / or other rights and interests or not, and takes actions to protect the rights and interests of persons only after the person concerned applies to the Application Administration in the prescribed manner.
8.4. The Company, its officials and employees of the Company do not bear any responsibility for the illegal use by users of the Application of any materials that are subject to any third-party intellectual property rights.

9. Contents of the Application

9.1. By this Agreement, the Company declares that the Company is immune from liability to the fullest extent provided by law and the Media Decency Act with respect to information provided by third parties and registrants, and nothing in this Agreement shall imply a waiver, cancellation , the abolition of such immunity.
9.2. You understand and agree that the Application Administration has the right to remove any information (hereinafter referred to as Information) that, in the opinion of the Application Administration, violates the terms of this Agreement, or which may be offensive, illegal or may violate copyright, cause harm or threaten the safety of the Application, its personnel, independent contractors, performers and / or its registered users. An incomplete list of Information is provided for review in clause 9.6 of this Agreement.
9.3. You are solely responsible for the Information sent to other registered users of the Application.
9.4. By posting Information in the public areas of the Application, you automatically transfer ownership, and you represent and warrant that you yourself have the right to such transfer of ownership to Bluepiece Ltd. and registered users of the Application.
You acknowledge that You have a perpetual, perpetual, non-exclusive, fully paid-up worldwide license to use, copy, reproduce, display, distribute, and the right to publish the Information, and to prepare derivative works of or embed such Information in other works and/or media, you also grant and authorize the sub-licensees of the foregoing.
9.5. The Company will investigate and take appropriate legal action, in its sole discretion, against anyone who violates this Agreement.
The Application Administration has the right to remove offensive correspondence from the Application or from the support service, as well as block violators and prohibit registration / re-registration of users who have allowed themselves to conduct offensive correspondence.
9.6. The following is a non-exhaustive list of the types of Information that are illegal or prohibited on the Application. The list includes Information that is clearly offensive to the Internet community, namely:

• promotes racism, bigotry, hatred or physical violence of any kind against any person or group;
• pursues or justifies stalking another person or invading a person's privacy;
• contains unsolicited mail, chain letters, unauthorized promotional material, or spam;
• communicates knowingly false, misleading information, or promotes offensive, threatening, defamatory or obscene behavior;
• promotes illegal or unauthorized copying of another person's copyrighted work, such as providing pirated computer programs or links to them, as well as information on how to hack manufacturer-installed copy protection devices, or providing pirated music or file links with such music;
• contains pages with restricted access or pages with access only through a password, or hidden pages and images (those that are not linked to other accessible pages);
• displays pornographic or sexual material of a commercial or non-commercial nature;
• displays material about the sexual or violent exploitation of persons under the age of 18 or requests personal information from such persons;
• contains profanity, foul language, false information about gender, information about incest, violence, necrophilia, information about another registered member, threat of suicide or harm to yourself or others, promiscuity;
• provides instructional information regarding illegal activities such as the manufacture or purchase of illegal weapons, drugs, invasion of someone's privacy, etc.;
• makes available or creates computer viruses;
• solicits passwords or personally identifiable information of other users for commercial or illegal purposes;
• sends advertisements in chats and text messages;
• without the prior written consent of the Administration, the Application engages in commercial and / or trading activities, such as contests, sweepstakes, exchanges, advertising and pyramid schemes.

10. Disputes between users

10.1. The Administration of the Application does not control the information provided by users to each other through the Application. Information provided by other users may be offensive, defamatory, inaccurate or misleading. When using the Application, care, common sense and precautions must be exercised. You are solely responsible for your interactions with other users of the Application.
10.2. You agree that in the event of a dispute between You and one or more users of the Application, You will not file any claims against the Company, including its officers and employees of the Company, not present any claims or claims for damages (actual or subsequent, known or unknown, implied or not implied, disclosed or not disclosed, caused by or in any way connected with such controversies).
10.3. If you are a resident of the State of California, by signing this Agreement you waive your rights under California Civil Code Section 1542, namely: “The general waiver does not apply to claims that the creditor did not know , as well as the existence of which he did not suspect at the time of refusal, but which could significantly affect his settlements with the debtor.”
10.4. The company reserves the right, but is not obligated to control disputes between users.

11. Disclaimer / Limitation of Liability

11.1. The Company, including its officers and employees, is not responsible for incorrect or inaccurate data provided by users of the Application or related to the Application, regardless of whether this error or inaccuracy was caused by users, equipment or software associated with the Application or used in Application, as well as for the behavior of any users of the Application online or offline.
11.2. The Company, including its officers and employees, is not responsible for any errors, omissions, delays, deletions, inaccuracies, delays in operation or transmission, failure of data lines, theft, destruction, alteration or unauthorized access to user messages.
11.3. The Company, including its officers and employees, is not responsible for any malfunction or technical failure of telephone communications or lines, online computer systems, servers or Internet service providers, computer equipment, software, e-mail delivery failure or player failure caused by technical problems or congestion of the Internet or any site, or if several of the above factors exist simultaneously, including harm or damage caused to users or other persons or computers, as a result of or in connection with participation in the Application, as well as the use of the Application.< br/> 11.4. The Company shall under no circumstances be liable for any loss or damage caused to the user as a result of using the Application, and/or for any data transferred by the users of the Application to each other.
11.5. The Company expressly releases itself from compensation for any damage/losses that users of the Application may cause to each other/incur. The Company cannot and does not guarantee any specific results expected by users as a result of using the Application.
11.6. The Company is not responsible for any loss of data, income, business or profit (direct or indirect) that users of the Application may suffer.
11.7. The Company is not liable for any damage or loss incurred by you as a result of the presence of commercial web applications and / or any other third party web applications, as well as for expectations and representations caused by you with any advertising, products, services or content and materials offered by such third party web applications, as well as for any transactions with service and product providers.
11.8. The Company has nothing to do with the Internet resources on which the Application is installed, and under no circumstances is responsible for the use of the Application on these resources by the users of the Application and/or other persons.
11.9. The Company shall under no circumstances be liable to users or any third party for indirect, consequential, typical, incidental, special or punitive damages, including lost profits, arising from the use of the Application.
11.10. The Company shall not be liable in any of the cases listed in chapter 9 of this Agreement, whether or not notified to the Company, including its shareholders, subsidiaries, affiliates, affiliates, officers, agents, brand co-owners and other partners and employees, about the possibility of damage or loss.

12. Privacy

12.1. Except as otherwise provided by law, the Company undertakes not to sell, lease, exchange or otherwise transfer to third parties your personal data and / or traffic or conversation content data without your express consent.
12.2. More information about the Company's privacy policy can be found on our website.

13. Responsibility of the Company

13.1. If there are legitimate claims expressed for any reason and regardless of form, the liability of the Company to users is limited to the amount (if any) paid by the user of the Application for the use of the services of the Application.
13.2. The Company, its officials and employees shall not bear any responsibility for any damage or losses incurred by the users of the Application or third parties due to the actions (inaction) of another user of the Application or any third parties associated with this user of the Application.

14. Dispute Resolution / Indemnification

14.1. In the event of disputes between the Company and the user, the Parties will make every effort to resolve the dispute amicably, without resorting to litigation.